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Sunday, April 1, 2012

網走監獄博物館(Abashini Prison Museum)

網走監獄博物館(Abashini Prison Museum),原為網走監獄,後移建至現地,作為博物館對外公開開放。博物館網走監獄由5棟呈放射狀的木造平房牢房、浴室、單人牢房等構成,便於監視的寬闊的走廊,厚厚的木門,冰冷的鐵窗,再現了當年犯人們在獄中的生活環境。館內還設有資料館,可通過當年犯人們的服刑內容瞭解開拓時期的北海道的一個側面。

Abashiri Prison was constructed in the 1890s to hold more than one thousand dangerous criminals. The prison gained national fame through a popular yakuza movie series by director Ishii Teruo in the 1960s.

Following a major modernization of the Abashiri Prison in 1984, the prison's old buildings were moved into the Abashiri Prison Museum (”Ž•¨ŠÙ –Ô‘–ŠÄ–, Hakubutsukan Abashiri Kangoku), which opened its doors to the public in 1985 as an open air museum. Note that the modernized Abashiri Prison is still in operation at the foot of Mount Tento.

The Abashiri Prison Museum illustrates the daily life of prisoners and exhibits more than a dozen buildings and structures of the old prison, including the main prison building with its five radially constructed wings, a law court, bath house and a punishment chamber.

How to get there:
Buses operate from Abashiri Bus Terminal via Abashiri Station to the museum once every 1-2 hours (10 minutes, 230 yen one way). Get off at the Hakubutsukan Abashiri Kangoku bus stop (”Ž•¨ŠÙ–Ô‘–ŠÄ–) in front of the museum. The buses operate less frequent in the shoulder seasons and not at all on weekdays in the off-seasons.

Hours and Fees:
Hours: 8:00 to 18:00 (April to October)
9:00 to 17:00 (November to March)
Admission ends one hour before closing
Closed: No closing days
Admission: 1050 yen (940 yen with an internet discount coupon)

Friday, March 30, 2012

小清水原生花園(Koshimizu Genseikaen)

小清水原生花園(Koshimizu Genseikaen)是位於濤沸湖和鄂霍茨克海之間的長約8公里的細長的砂丘地帶。每年6月至8月,這里盛開的蒺瑰花、百合花等40餘種鮮花吸引大批遊客。最佳觀賞期是6月中旬到7月下旬。園內設有木板鋪成的遊步道,20分鐘可環繞園內一周,遊客可在大自然中邊行邊欣賞兩側色彩鮮豔的花草。


就在小清水町市街附近,除了丘陵之外,有百合的故鄉「Riri Park」,還有小清水溫泉體驗中心「小清水溫泉 Fureai Center」。

原生花園車站旁的「Information Center-Hana」裡頭,不但可一窺小清水町四季的各種姿態,還能透過影像看到各種時候原生花園的52種代表性的花。


  「原生花園站」下車步行 1分。
   於「原生花園前」下車步行 1分。

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

北海道~鄂霍茨克塔(Okhotsk Tower)

鄂霍茨克塔(Okhotsk Tower)是突出在鄂霍茨克海中的冰海瞭望塔。在設在海底層的「海底自然觀測室」,一年四季可觀察海底世界的各種海洋生物。當然也可看到被成為海中精靈的 Clione Limacina。鄂霍茨克塔的1層是小賣店,2層是映像展示廳,3層是360度的展望休息室。冬季可從鄂霍茨克塔高30米的瞭望台和海底觀察室觀察鄂霍茨克海的流冰,尉為壯觀。