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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

美拉娣湖-Tasik Melati

美拉娣湖是一个如诗如画的美丽小湖,位于加央北部大约 8 公里处。它是一个浅显的湖泊,湖中拥有超过 150 个小沙州,仿如小岛般四散在湖中。旅客可以透过划舢板来到这些“小岛”。这里被精心策划成为旅游景点,它有活地板式的行人走道,还有舒适的椅子让旅客坐下,尽情欣赏眼前的幽美景色。

The way to Tasik Melanti:
Exit at the Jitra Selatan Interchange from the North-South Expressway and head towards Kangar. From Kangar town, take the main road that leads to Padang Besar and turn right to Beseri town. The lake is only a few minutes' drive from Kangar.

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