Thursday, December 29, 2011

上野恩賜公園(Uenoonshi Park)

上野恩賜公園(Uenoonshi Park)由上野站公園口前一直延伸至鶯谷站西側。上野恩賜公園所在區域古為德川家康幕府所有寬永寺(1825(寬永2)年)所在地。1873年,在上野建成了日本的第一座公園,1924年被當時的東京宮內省指定為都市公園。上野恩賜公園園內種植有大量的染井吉野櫻花和山櫻花,是東京都內屈指可數的觀賞櫻花的著名公園之一。公園入口處,立有一尊日本明治維新時代著名人物西鄉隆盛的青銅像,供人瞻仰。

Ueno Onshi Park, also known as Ueno Park, was recognized as the one of the first parks in Japan along with Shiba, Asakusa, Fukugawa, and Asukayama Parks by the Grand Council of State in 1873. The grounds occupy the site of the famous Tokugawa Shogunate era Kan'ei-ji Shrine from the Edo Period. With the Meiji Restoration, the land became government property, and was passed down to Tokyo as a gift from the Imperial State Department in 1924 - thus the name of "Onshi" or "Imperial Gift." The park currently has many cultural attractions such as the main shrine of Kan'ei-ji and its mausoleum, Toshugu Shrine, a park with a vast number of cherry blossom trees, a museum, a zoo, and an art museum. It has truly been transformed into a park with high cultural significance.

Basic information
5:00am - 11:00pm

2 min walk from Ueno Sta. on JR Line, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line or Hibiya Line
5 min walk from Ueno-okachimachi Sta. on Toei Subway Oedo Line
1 min walk from Keisei-Ueno Sta. on Keisei Line

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