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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

巴珠菲冷宜海滨_Batu Ferringhi beach


巴珠菲冷宜海滨还可以看见一种称为“Malay Kampung”的高脚屋,保存了100多年前马来人的传统居住格调:房屋高架起来,可以保持凉爽、干燥,洁清的院子里种有各色热带花木,房前放一盆水,供上楼进屋之前脱鞋洗脚使用,室内窗明几净、整齐舒适。

如何到达 : Taxi
Your best option to get to and from Batu Ferringhi to Georgetown and back is by taxi. Buses are infrequent and it's just too far and too hot to cycle.

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