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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

柔佛: 金沙湾_Danga Bay

Danga Bay是一个沿着新柔海峡而建的旅游景点,从大钟楼前方一直延伸到士古来大道交界处。在这个范围内,有餐饮中心、沙滩酒吧、水上运动、植物园、风帆俱乐部、游乐场及颇大的广场。基于环境不错,又临近市中心,所以每天都吸引不少的游客和居民前往消闲。

Clear the Johor Bahru (Johor Baru, Johore Bahru, Johor Baharu) Custom, follow the exit road all the way straight for the next 8 km along the coastline, you will reach Danga Bay.

Touted as a family hunt when it first opened, Danga Bay comprises of a shopping mall, several international restaurants, amusement park and a beach (where events are commonly held). It is relatively quiet on weekdays and while the crowd has somewhat dwindled a little, it is still an interesting place to bring your family along during the weekends.

Shopping mall – Festive Street Mall
Open from 11am-10pm, Festive Street Mall consist of 280 retail lots offering plenty of shopping choices in the like of fashion and souvenirs. Parking is ample and free. Outside the Mall, there is a stretch of shops serving drinks and snacks al-fresco style and is an ideal place for hangouts

Food Hunt – Lazio, Danga Palace, Asiana
As you can derive from its name, Lazio serves Italian cuisine while Asiana dishes out local cuisine. Danga Palace serves Chinese food. For RM29, you can try out the fare served by all three restaurants under a buffet promotion (yes, they are interconnected). However, note that this buffet promotion is only available every Sunday from 11am – 3pm. Must-try includes the hot soup from Danga Palace as well as the pizza from Lazio. The rest of the dishes under the buffet menu are normal but for the price you are paying, it is still a value for money.

Amusement Center-After your have filled your stomach, exit the restaurants and take a stroll just outside.

Note that the pictures seems to paint a very deserted view of Danga Bay! Find out more here: Again, if you have not been to Danga Bay, it is worth a visit or two!

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