Saturday, October 29, 2011




Japan is being very densely populated especially in Tokyo, my city, so a trip to the big outdoors can be a real relief from this busy city. Mount Takao, a small but lovely mountain in western Tokyo can be one alternative for that purpose. Being only an hour away from Tokyo by train, it is very popular, especially when the sun is out.

Although I did not really shape for it, I was convinced by my friends to climb that mountain with them, to survey for the bigger event in the following week. For all of us (4 people), it was the first time. The night before, I was so pessimistic because it was raining, and the wheather forecast in Yahoo!Japan said that i’d be rain on the next day. Even so, like the Javanese proverb, “Rawe-rawe rantas, malang-malang mutung”, I convinced myself and my fellows just to go ahead. I hoped that rainy weather might also have helped keep people away, and it was really nice not to have to deal with the usual crowds.

After climbing the long and never-ending well-paved-path, we reached the Takao-San Station, a station of Japan Most Steep Railway, a station of cable car and two-seated cable chair/lift. The scenery from that point was really worth it, and fortunately the fog had cleared up. Besides, the guide sign said that we can see even Shinjuku skyscrapers and Tokyo Harbor from that station, as you can see from this image. By the way, in that station there are many convenient facilities such as toilets, vending machines, benches and some scopes (but you must pay 100 yen to see through). You can also buy some traditional snack called yaki-dango (sticky rice balls, grilled on a braise, but actually it tastes so plain ^_^).

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