Tuesday, November 8, 2011

台场海洋城(Aquacity Odaiba)

台场海洋城(Aquacity Odaiba)是一个购物商城,里面有各具特色的商店、精品店、餐馆、咖啡馆和一个有13个屏幕的电影院。从海洋城前面的木甲板和附近甲板城可以看到彩虹桥的美丽视野。

每天11:00am到9.00pm 营业(一些餐馆营业到23:00点或更晚)

入场费用: 免费。

Aqua City is a compound commercial complex located in the Odaiba area of the new Tokyo waterfront subcenter, an area attracting a lot of attention with the development of many business and commercial facilities. With the theme of "creating an entertainment town" for the pleasure of people of all age groups, and aiming at being a bright and enjoyable facility, Aqua City opened in the spring this year. In order to make the most of the rich natural environment of Odaiba Sea Park, the 260meter-long building was built in the image of a Mediterranean village. The building becomes more set back the higher it gets, and is painted in bright, soft pastel colors. 150 restaurants, bars and retails shops, 13 cinema complexes and five attractions occupy the building, and there is a self-propelled parking area for 900 cars in the center. Lengthways, the whole facility is divided into three zones, the West Zone, Central Zone and Mediage. There is a 260meter-long seaside promenade deck along the water that as well as working to join the three zones, also provides a relaxing and enjoyable area.
Within the complex, Mediage, a new type of operation for the Sony group is attracting much attention. It is a general entertainment center that includes attractions never before seen and a 13-screen cinema complex. Mediage makes up one-third of the total floor space of Aqua City. Surrounding an atrium, it consists of the 13-screen cinema complex, three attractions with different themes and music cafes where you can enjoy meals while listening to live music, and other restaurants and shops all with their own strong themes.

In the center of Mediage is a public zone centered on the atrium that uses natural lighting, "green walls" and trees to make you feel "relaxed" with all five senses. Controlled use of lighting and colors in the cinema complex differentiate it from suburban cinemas. An old New York city corner taste is used with the interior of the music cafes to keep a distance

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