Friday, January 20, 2012

淺草寺(Sensoji Shrine)

淺草寺(Sensoji Shrine)創建於公元628年,是東京都內最古老的寺廟。江戶時代德川家康將淺草寺指定為德川幕府的朝拜場所,淺草寺一帶因此逐漸繁榮。除淺草寺內堂外,淺草寺院內的五重塔等著名建築物和史蹟、觀賞景點數不勝數。每年元旦前後,前來朝拜的香客,人山人海。

Sensoji is a buddist temple in the heart of Asakusa which is also a really nice are to explore.There are various buildings to explore in the grounds and also a long, busy street of shops that sells food and souveniers.Definitely recommended as something to see for a more traditional side of Tokyo.

A visit to this temple makes a great program for 2-4 hours. The temple is in the middle of the city, beautiful and its small garden well-maintained. The place is clearly very popular and revered by the Japanese. Even on a late Monday afternoon very crowded. The street towards the temple is packed with small souvenir and snack stalls, quite touristy but not too much. The best thing though, after your visit to the temple, is to wander the side streets, especially on the west side and in the smaller streets. Many small and informal shops and street bars and restaurants. Also some very trendy shops. Likely that you finally run into something that is worth buying.

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