Wednesday, February 16, 2011

雪兰莪:万达广场_1 UTAMA

马来西亚一名高级的购物目的地,1他马商场已经从购物,餐饮和娱乐性质的人各得其所。获奖的中心取得了天空,如购物中心和热带雨林吊桥与许多行业第一。 6零售楼层超过500万平方英尺,总理的生活方式和娱乐的圣地传播吸引数百万游客每年。消费者将会看到蓝筹股百货公司,专业的景点和娱乐傲视 - 超过600家商店合并为一个伟大的一天。欲了解更多的产品,1他马是辅以豪华的五星级酒店位于同一个世界,旁边的商场。为了方便浏览,1他马分为主题区 - Highstreet,椭圆形,雨林,长廊,长廊湖畔,中心法庭,庭院,体育地带和娱乐区。

Wittily tag lined "It's all in one!", top Malaysian shopping destination 1 Utama Shopping Centre is indisputably a premier lifestyle and entertainment mecca with something for everyone.
Nestled in MSC Malaysia Cybercentre status township Bandar Utama, the award-winning shopping centre has gone on to redefine the shopping scene, achieving many industry firsts such as the Skybridge, a lush tropical Rainforest inside the mail and its Secret Garden, South East Asia's largest rooftop garden.

Spanning over 5 million sq ft and boasting 6 retail levels for your shopping pleasure, a day in 1 Utama is a day well spent. Browse through blue-chip department stores, speciality attractions and entertainment galore - a fine combination of over 650 trendy shops for an experience like no other. 1 Utama is also within walking distance to luxurious 5-star One World Hotel and high rise offices Plaza IBM, KPMG Tower and 1 First Avenue.

For easier navigation, 1 Utama has various themed zones: Highstreet, Oval, Rainforest, Secret Garden, Promenade, Promenade Lakeside, Centre Court, Courtyard, Sportszone and the Entertainment Zone.

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