Saturday, February 19, 2011

槟城:新光大广场_Prangin Mall Komtar


地址 : No.33 Jalan Lim Chew Leong 10100, Penang Malaysia

Prangin Mall, Komtar

The iconic KOMTAR and the delightfully diverse Prangin Mall offer the first-time visitor a deeper understanding into the curiosities of Penang.

Located in the nexus of George Town, where all buses eventually go, KOMTAR towers over the rest of the buildings and once laid claim to being the tallest building in Southeast Asia.

This monolithic building comprises mainly government offices but you'll also find five storeys of curious retail outlets selling all manner of clothing, music, accessories and food, among others. Here, you can also take an elevator to the 58th floor where a viewing gallery gives you an eagle's eye view of the island.

Hop over to Prangin for a truly bizarre mall experience. You'll find entertainment arcades and cineplexes alongside actual hawker-styled coffee shops and flea-market type stalls. Oh, there's also a McDonald's and Starbucks in case you were wondering.

Prangin Mall is one of the most popular shopping complexes in Penang. Located right smack in the centre of Georgetown and with its strategic location, the Mall has never failed to attract visitors. It's attached to Komtar and Pacific Komtar via the sky bridges from level 2 and 3

Prangin Mall has some resemblance with the Sungei Wang Plaza in Kuala Lumpur, which is also very popular among the tourists and local alike. There are many entrances to Prangin Mall where one can enter via Jalan Lim Chwee Leong, Jalan Ria and Lebuh Tek Soon.

This mall offers a range of outlets including Starbucks, McDonald, KFC, Sushi King, Parkson Grand and so forth. It is the sparkling outpost of ultramodern Penang. In Prangin Mall, you can find anything and everything within the five-levels of shopping, dining and entertainment experience. For movie lovers, Cathay Cinema is located on level 5 and on level 4 you will find Popular Book Store, Malaysia’s largest bookstore chain.

Looking for latest gadgets and gizmos? Look no further, brands such as HP, Canon, Samsung and lots more have their very own outlets here at eTech@prangin located at level 4. It’s the one-stop centre specially reserved for outlets selling computers, mobile phones and the latest ITC peripherals. You can even find a Macintosh kiosk located on the ground floor foyer. Just come by Prangin Mall any time between 10am to 10pm daily.

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