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( 马来语:Selangor),是位于马来西亚, 马来半岛西海岸中部的一个州属。雪兰莪州政府的行政中心位于莎阿南(Shah Alam),一个新兴的城市。地理位置上位于雪兰莪境内的吉隆坡和布城在行政上由联邦政府直接管辖,属联邦直辖区。雪兰莪常和 吉隆坡合称雪隆。雪兰莪在2005年8月27日正式被宣布为马来西亚的第一个先进州属,它也是马来西亚最富裕的州属。

雪兰莪州是马来西亚发展得最好的一个州属。它位于马来半岛的西海岸,其九个地区加起来总面积是12 万5 千平方公里。雪兰莪州的大部分土地已经被发展,不过,它还是拥有许多绿色地带,包括海岸线的红树林到繁茂的热带雨林。雪兰莪州的首府是莎阿南,它同时也是州的皇城。

雪兰莪是进入马来西亚的主要入口,因为马来西亚美轮美奂的吉隆坡国际机场( KLIA )就建在雪兰莪州的雪邦区。雪州还有一个最重要的港口,巴生港口,位于马来半岛西海岸的巴生区内。




Selangor is the most developed and most populous state in Malaysia, with the nation's biggest conurbation, the Klang Valley. It is also the commercial and industrial hub of Malaysia.

Being a popular tourist destination that is rich in arts and culture, Selangor has countless contemporary buildings that grace its skyline. Some of the most fascinating and scenic destinations in Malaysia are found here.

The following are some of the most fascinating and scenic places to travel in Selangor. I will give you a brief introduction to these places of interest but will not attempt to go into the details of it.

Why? You may ask...well, simply because there are just too many destinations to cover in detail on this one page. However, I will start (and continuously update) a section specially dedicated to these fascinating Selangor attractions, and that's where I'll provide you with all the details of those places.

So, for the time being, I hope you enjoy reading this short introduction to Selangor as much as I have enjoyed writing about it!

Selangor is home to the Sepang International Circuit. This 260 hectares circuit brought the famed Formula One (F1) races to Malaysia.

The circuit is well-known among internationally renowned drivers as it offers one of the world's most challenging racetracks. For spectators, the double frontage grandstand (the only one in the world) provides them full and unobstructed view of the race. This circuit has helped put Malaysia at the center of attention as one of the leading developing countries.

One of the most famous and well-known caves in Malaysia, "Batu Caves" (which literally means cave of stone), can be found here in Selangor.

Batu caves is a major tourist attraction and attracts thousands of tourists, both local and foreign to it every year.

This popular tourist attraction is made up of three main caves and a number of smaller ones.

The biggest, referred to as the Temple Cave, which has a 100m high ceiling, is a Hindu Shrine. To reach it, visitors have to climb a flight of 272 steps.

Selangor is also home to some of the most popular theme parks in Malaysia. One of them is the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park.

This theme park is divided into three major theme areas, namely, the Waters of Africa, the Wild Wild West and the World of Adventure. Each area is unique in it own way and has it own attractions.

Another theme park worth mentioning here is the Mines Wonderland Theme Park. This is truly a one-of-a-kind theme park.

Housed here is the country's first Snow House. Imagine experiencing a winter wonderland in a tropical country like Malaysia, where the Sun is always up and the weather is always warm! Besides the Snow House, there are many many other attractions here which are definitely worth taking a look at!

Selangor is the birth place of the Royal Selangor Pewter. The name Royal Selangor is well known among pewter enthusiasts and those in the pewter industry.

Royal Selangor is reputed internationally for its high quality and craftsmanship, and is the world's leading producer of pewter products. A visit to the Royal Selangor Visitor Centre will provide you with an educational and interactive experience as to how pewter is produced.

I have merely touched the surface of some of the popular Selangor attractions. With so many places to travel in Selangor, so many wonderful things to experience and so many beautiful and scenic destinations to visit, Selangor is definitely a "Must-Visit" when you're in Malaysia!

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