Sunday, January 9, 2011

苏丹伊斯迈柏特拉拱门_Sultan Ismail Petra Arch

苏丹伊斯迈柏特拉拱门(Sultan Ismail Petra Arch)是一座以木材建成的拱门,是为了纪念吉兰丹州被称为文化城而建。

One of the most prominent structures in Kota Bharu is the elegant Sultan Ismail Petra Arches which located at the Kota Sultan Ismail Petra.The Sultan Ismail Petra Arch, in Kota Bharu, Kelantan state, Malaysia. It was erected to commemorate the declaration of Kota Bharu as a cultural town showcasing Malay culture.The arches are a beauty and adorned with Quran. Islamic influence is highly presence in its design.This timber arch commemorates the declaration of Kota Bharu as a cultural city. It faces the main town square, Independence Field.

In the vicinity of the arches are The Grand Palace. The palace was built in 1844 along Malay architecture lines that were hugely popular in the 19th century. Skilled carpenters from all over Kelantan constructed the palace from choice of cengal timber.

The Grand Palace was built by Sultan Muhammad II who wanted a new palace to replace his old residence on the banks of the Kelantan River. It later became the home of several sultans who ruled the state.

These days, the palace is only used for important occassions such as royal functions and ceremonies. It contains the royal throne and the royal regalia of Kelantan...

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